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Black Gold Warranty

Black Gold Warranty

Ever heard of a full warranty on used tractor tires? Well NTS has finally made it happen with our Black Gold Guarantee! Having been selling used, blemished, and take-off tractor tires since the 80s we’ve gained a very loyal customer base of tire shops, implement dealers and farmers by always standing behind what we sell.

Obviously when buying used tires there is that chance that you’ll get it all mounted up and find something wrong that couldn’t be seen before. Usually when buying used tires or used anything for that matter that’s a risk you just can’t get around easily. NTS has recognized this and made it their business to take this risk away from you, the buyer, with our Black Gold Guarantee! It’s a simple enough plan. . . just factor the percentage of adjustments into our cost of doing business.

The Black Gold Guarantee program our team has developed and committed themselves to includes pro-rated coverage of the cost of the tire for the first two years. And, better yet, for the first 30 days after installation or 6 months after purchase, whichever comes first, we will offer FREE replacement, repair or full money back, including installation labor costs! Wow! That makes it an easy decision where to go when looking for used tires!

If, in normal agricultural service, any tire covered by this warranty and used according to NTS recommendations becomes unservicable through fault of the tire or failure of a repair, such tire will be repaired, replaced or money refunded on a pro rate basis as set forth below.

Refund Chart

Tire Service Invoiced Tread Depth Remaining % Credit Allowed
Up to 12 months 75% or more Up to 75%
Up to 18 months 50% or more Up to 50%
Up to 24 months 25% or more Up to 25%

*** Any tire under 5/32" or less than 25% of invoiced tread depth is considered to be worn out and no credit is allowed.

NTS Recommendations:

- Any used tire marked with SE-TT on the invoice must have Orange Slush Tire Guard sealant or a tube installed or the warranty will be voided.

- Any tire with a side wall reinforced vulcanized repair on it is not to be used on a combine front, large grain cart or loader front position. With the load demand these extreme conditions demand NTS only recommends new or like new takeoff tires. Tires with major repairs or weathering do not come with any warranty whatsoever under these usage conditions.