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Tire Codes

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Code Description Code Description
BLEM Serial # Removed - No Factory Warranty SBL-L Stubble Damage - Light
BD-RP Bead Repair SBL-M Stubble Damage - Medium
BD-CH Bead Chip/Chunk/Cut SBL-H Stubble Damage - Heavy
BT-BD Bent Bead SPOT Spot Repair
BOOT Chemical Patch/Boot STRP Stripping
DR-RT Dry Rot/Ozone Cracking SHCR-L Shoulder Cracking - Light
FC-RE Vulcanized Face Reinforcement SHCR-M Shoulder Cracking - Medium
IN-CR Inner Linear Cracking SHCR-H Shoulder Cracking - Heavy
LU-CR Lug Chips or Chunking/De-Laminating SE Use Sealant
LU-CH Lug Cuts SW-CT Sidewall Cut/Scrape
LU-PH Lug Pull SW-RE Vulcanized Sidewall Reinforcement
N/WAR No Factory or NTS Warranty TT Tube Type
RDWR-L Road Wear - Light TT-SE Tube Type or Use Sealant
RDWR-M Road Wear - Medium VT-LK Vent Leaker
RDWR-H Road Wear - Heavy WEA-L Weathering - Light
DEL-L Delaminating - Light WEA-M Weathering - Medium
DEL-M Delaminating - Medium WEA-H Weathering - Heavy
DEL-H Delaminating - Heavy NTO New Takeoff